Airplane Chefs Mod APK [Unlimited Money]

Airplane chefs APK is the most amazing and entertaining game. In which, you have to work as a Chef on a flight. There is a variety of food that can be served to the passenger at a given time. It’s a time to test your skills, how to complete orders in a given time, clean the mess and clear the table, and fulfill all the requirements of the customers.

Additional Information

App NameAirplane Chefs Mod APK
UpdatedLatest Update
Compatible withAndroid 6.0+ or more
Last versionv6.2.2
Size171.90 MB
Get it OnGoogle Play Store
MODUnlimited Money

Airplane chefs is an addictive game, which is developed by Nord Current. Airplane Chefs mod APK is a game in which you have to complete unlimited levels and upgrade the menu. When you work as an “Airplane chef”, you have to complete orders on time which can be beneficial in the form of a good time manager. You have the option to cook a variety of food because there are different passengers with different ethnicity. So, everyone wants different food and it’s a challenge for you to fulfill all the desires of the passengers.

Game Play

The interface of this game is very simple and easy to understand. The new user can easily understand, how to play this game. In this game, you have to work as a chef and prepare different types of food. The passengers are traveling from different regions on a long time flight. When they feel hungry, they want to eat something. So, you have to prepare and serve the food on time.


As many the levels you achieved, you can get unlimited money. At the starting level, you have a limited dish option but after achieving the level, you can serve unlimited dishes like burgers, pasta, rice, etc. You have the option to upgrade your kitchen, so, you can easily upgrade it by using the money.

Airplane Chef Mod APK Latest Version + Unlimited Features

Airplane Chefs APK has an unlimited feature that a user can enjoy. There is an unlimited level of the game. As you achieved the level, the more the features are unlocked. When you start playing this game, you have a limited option to cook the food. In the coming level, you have the option to cook unlimited food. You have also an option to upgrade the kitchen by consuming your money and gems.

  • Airplane Chefs MOD APK + Unlimited Money
  • Airplane Chefs APK + VIP features Unlocked
  • Increase Time Management Skills
  • Easy to play
  • Prepare Different Food
  • Travel all around the World
  • Amazing levels
  • Beautiful Decoration
  • Advertisement Free

Airplane Chefs MOD APK + Unlimited Money

You can get unlimited money by achieving the different levels. Airplane Chefs offer you to get unlimited money and gems. The money can be used the upgrading the kitchen and decoration. In the modified version of Airplane Chefs APK, there are a lot of features that can make the game more interesting and entertaining.

Airplane Chefs APK + VIP features Unlocked

In the hacked version of Airplane Chefs, all VIP features are unlocked. You can make unlimited dishes and also has the option to complete unlimited task and achieve the level. You can enjoy the all VIP features of this game.


Increase Time Management Skills

This game will help to increase your time management skills. You have a limited time, in which you have to cook and serve the food to the customers in limited time. Each customer has a different order and you have to prepare different food for the customer. The game helps to develop multi-tasking skills because you have to prepare, deliver, and then clean the table. It is irritating for customers when they see the mess on the table.

Easy to play

The interface of this game is user-friendly. If you are new to this game, you just don’t need to panic because this is easy to play. You can easily understand all the features of this game.

Prepare Different Food

In the modded version of Airplane Chefs APK, all dishes are unlocked. You can cook & bake any dishes whatever the customer wants. You have the option to prepare burgers, pasta, macaroni, etc.

Travel all around the World

In the latest version of Airplane chefs APK, you can experience traveling all around the world while cooking on the plane. It’s an amazing experience to cook different dishes in the air and provide some quality stuff to your customers.

Amazing levels

Airplane Chefs APK’s updated version unlocks all the levels. Each level has its own unique features. As your level grows, your responsibilities also increase. With more levels, you have to manage a more workload and it provides you the time management skills.

Beautiful Decoration

Airplane Chefs v6.2.2 Mod APK provides you the benefit of décor your kitchen and upgrading the tools. When you achieve the level, you can get the money. This money can benefit you to upgrade your kitchen and then it looks stylish.


Advertisement Free

The hacked version of Airplane Chefs APK is advertisement free. You don’t need to panic skip or quit the ads. You can experience the game without any interruptions.

How to Download Airplane Chefs Mod version

  • 1- It’s an easy process to download the Airplane Chefs Modded version.
  • 2- Search for this game on the internet
  • 3- Find the best link and download from there.
  • 4- You can also download it from this website too.

How to Install Airplane Chefs v6.2.2 Mod APK

  • 1- If you have the original version in the system, uninstall it.
  • 2- Find the APK file in your system
  • 3- Install the file
  • 4- Enable the “unknown source” in your system
  • 5- After successful installation, restart your system

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is Airplane Chefs APK?

Airplane Chefs is an entertaining game, in which you have to work as a chef in an airplane.

Is it safe?

Yes, it is absolutely free and you don’t need to pay any fee for this game.

Is it advertisement free?

The modded version of airplane chefs is ads-free.

Final Thoughts

Airplane Chefs Mod APK is a game where you can experience cooking in the air and you have to travel from one city to another. You can also learn the time management technique because you have a limited time to serve food to your customer. If you late his order, he can leave you and join another airplane chef. It is an interesting game with unlimited levels and food. I am sure, you can be addicted by playing this game. For a more entertaining game, follow Mario Kart Tour MOD APK