Baldi Basic Mod APK [Unlimited Items]

Baldi basic APK is a learning game with some horror intention. In which, you have to solve math puzzles and collect the notebooks. The main character of this game is Baldi, who is the math teacher. Baldi gives you the math puzzle, if you are unable to solve the puzzle then the Baldi’s gone crazy.
There are seven levels of this game, and as the level grows, the game becomes more interesting and horrible. You have to make a certain distance from the Baldi, the right answer slows down the Baldi and the wrong answer makes Baldi crazy. It becomes to shrink the distance and crazy Baldi turns into horrible mode. You have to clear all the levels to win this game.

Additional Information

 App NameBaldi Basic Mod APK
 PublisherBasically Games!
 Latest Versionv1.4.3
 MOD InfoNoClip, Unlimited Items, God Mode
 Get it OnGoogle Play Store

It’s an educational game, where you can learn the tricky math puzzle. Baldi Basic mod APK also helps to show your skills, and how to handle tricky situations. If you face a panic situation in real life, Baldi basic provides you with the skill of how to handle the situation. It also sharp the brain and grow your thinking ability.

Game Play

This game has a simple interface where you can easily understand how to play the game. Baldi Basic Mod APK is a learning game with some horror features.


You have a total of seven puzzles that you have to solve. In level one, you have to answer one puzzle, if your answer is correct then you can move to the second puzzle and it will open the door. After answering the 1st question, you have to enter the 2nd class, where you will answer the 2nd question. You have to open all seven door to achieve all tasks and collects all seven notebooks. You can face different horror faces and find clues. It’s a complete mind-testing game, if you are new to this game then you have to show some patience to complete the game.

Baldi Basic Mod APK’s Latest Version +VIP Features Unlocked

There are some unique features that we have to discuss and tell you how to use these features. The rules of this game are simple and unique, you have to answer all puzzles and collect the notebooks and leave the building. But, to complete this process, you have to face many obstacles. It provides you the learning, how to prevent yourself and solve the puzzle.

  • Unlocked Levels
  • Unlimited Clues
  • Collect the Notebooks
  • Horrible Experience
  • Unlimited Stamina

Baldi Basic Mod APK + Unlocked Levels

Baldi Basic APK has seven levels. The first level is simple and the last level is as tricky as the first level is simple. You have to protect yourself from all horror faces at every level of the game.

Baldi Basic APK + Unlimited Clues

In this game, you have to find all the clues. You can find all your question in that clues. You have to open the door one by one and find the clues. The clue will give you the puzzle, you must have to answer the puzzle correctly. Otherwise, you may face some horrible faces.


Collect the Notebooks

The ultimate task is to collect the notebooks. You have to collect at least seven notebooks. When you answer the puzzle in each level, it will unlock the laptop for you and you have to collect that laptop.

Baldi Basic + Horrible Experience

You have to experience a horrible situation when you answer the puzzle wrongly. There are many horrible faces that appear which distract you from your work. Your patience will give you the winning situation. If the horrible faces distract you, then you will lose the game.


Unlimited Stamina

This game is all about patience and stamina. You must have unlimited stamina and patience. You can only win this game by showing your stamina. Because there are so many horrible faces appearing when you are going to find the clue and give the answer. Unlimited stamina will benefit you to achieve the task and win this game.

How to Download Baldi Basic Mod APK’s Latest Version

  • 1- You have to search Baldi Basic Mod APK latest version on the internet.
  • 2- Find the best link on the website and download this game.
  • 3- You can also download the latest version from this site.
  • 4- You have to enable “unknown source” from your computer setting to download this game.

How to install Baldi Basic v1.4.3 Mod APK

  • 1- If you have the original version of this game, you have to uninstall that game.
  • 2- Find the APK file of this game and install it on your system.
  • 3- After successful installation of this game, you have to restart your system
  • 4- The Baldi basic hacked version is ready to use in your system.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is Baldi Basic v1.4.3 Mod APK?

Baldi Basic Mod APK is a learning game with a horrible experience. You have to solve the Puzzle and collect the notebooks.

Is it safe?

The Baldi Basic Modded version is safe and secure. There is not any malware or viruses.

Is it free?

Baldi Basic Modified version is absolutely free. You don’t need to buy any subscription or pay any fee.

Is it advertisement free?

Baldi Basic Mod APK latest version is free from advertisement. You don’t need to quit or skip the advertisement.

Final Thoughts

Baldi Basic Mod APK is a game in which the main character of this game is Baldi. He is a math teacher and provides you with the math puzzle. You have to solve the puzzle correctly. If you are unable to solve the puzzle correctly, then Baldi shows aggression & anger. If you want to make a certain distance from Baldi, then you have to solve all puzzles correctly. In which, you have to face some horrible faces which distract you from your work. You just need to be patient and calm and stick with your work. Just solve the puzzle and collect the notebook. After that, you have to leave the building and win the game.

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