Blocky Farm Mod APK [Unlimited Money & Gems]

Blocky Farm is an exciting game in which you have to build a farm. This game is developed by Jet Toast. Blocky Farm Mod APK has unique gameplay and interesting features. You have to manage and develop the farm and harvest the fields. The game has different levels and tasks in which you have to grow the pets and complete the tasks.

Additional Information

App nameBlocky Farm Mod APK [Unlimited Money]
Update onLatest Version
Size112.51 MB
Mod infoUnlimited Gems
DeveloperJet Toast
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You have to perform different activities like multitasking. At the same time, you have to harvest the farm and take care of the animal. The new building will also appear which increase the demand for your product. It can also say that the new building will increase the competition and charm of the game.

Game Play

This game has unique gameplay which is user-friendly. The player has to build the existing farm. He needs to add some additional features as per his requirement to improve the farm. The objective to build this farm is to get money and gems.


The player can harvest the wheat which can be used in different ways. It can be used for animals and pets for their living. Players can get eggs from chickens to build chicken flocks. The ultimate focus should be on the request board because it gives them a demand or task, which must be completed in time to get the rewards.

Blocky Farm Mod APK Latest version + Unlimited Features Unlocked

In the modified version of Blocky Farm, there are so many features that are unlocked. The player can get unlimited money and germs which cannot be available in the previous version. It provides you the farm management skills and you will be aware of how to control different situations.

  • Farm Management
  • Take Care of Pets & Animals
  • Unlimited Money & Gems
  • Play Offline
  • HD Graphics
  • Sound Quality

Farm Management

In the blocky farm, you have to be familiar with the field. Once you are familiar with the field, then you have to identify where to add some modifications in the field. You can customize the field as per your requirement and harvest the wheat field according to the request board by the truck and fulfill your own demand. You have to feed the animals as well as the chicken coops. Food is a basic necessity for survival. So, you have to fulfill the market demand with your own demand. If you are able to complete this, then you can earn a reward.


Take Care of Pets & Animals

It is an interesting feature to take care of and loves your pets & animals. In the rural surrounding, it is a basic thing to cradle the animal and pets. You have to respect your animals because the milk and eggs can be sold. The player should focus on the request board by the truck because the board can instruct you on the demand. It is also interesting the people from the new block building can also demand the things that you produced.

Unlimited Money & Gems

The modified version of Block Farm APK is more interesting than the other games. You can get unlimited money and gems by completing the tasks. The task could be anything like growing wheat, raising eggs, and building an attractive field. You just need to focus on the request board and complete the task. In the previous version, you can only get the money but in the hacked version, you can get unlimited gems as well.

Play Offline

This game can be played online and offline, in both modes. In the offline scenario, you can work just in your own farm. You cannot get access to different farms. If you want to visit the neighbor farm, you have to get access to the internet. Because, without the internet, you are not able to get access to the neighbor field.

HD Graphics

The graphics of this game is mind-blowing and charming. When you are playing this game, it has different levels. Each level has its own look. In the rural environment, the surrounding looks more attractive due to their lush green scenery. The graphics are the core element of any game.

Sound Quality

As with the graphics, the developer focused on the sound quality as well. To get the intention or interest of the user, sound quality is the main element. If the sound is not much attractive, then, it loses control over the user. This game has a charming sound that can addict the user to play this game for a long time.


How to download the Latest Version of Blocky Farm Mod APK

  • 1- You have to search Blocky Farm Mod APK on the internet
  • 2- Find the best link
  • 3- You can download from this website too
  • 4- To download this software, you have to enable “unknown source” from the system

How to Install Blocky Farm Mod APK

  • 1- If you have the original version, then uninstall it first
  • 2- Find the APK file in your system
  • 3- Install this file
  • 4- Restart the system
  • 5- Enjoy the latest feature of this Mod APK

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is Blocky Farm Mod APK?

It is a modified version of Blocky Farm. You have to organize the farm and harvest the field. To grow wheat, cradle the animals and pets, and complete the task shown on the request board by the truck. After completing the task, you can get unlimited money & gems.

Is it safe?

Yes, it is absolutely safe. You don’t bother about malware and viruses. It is safe to download this file from this website.

Is it free?

The hacked version of Blocky Mod APK is 100% free. You don’t need to buy any subscription or fee to download and play this game.

Is it advertisement free?

Yes, the modded version of Blocky Farm Mod APK is advertisement free. There is no need to skip the ad during the gameplay. You can easily get concentrated on the game and ads cannot distract you from the game.

Final Thoughts

It is an interesting and entertaining game. If you want to experience rural life, then it is the best game. You can get skills in farm management and cradle the animals and pets. The graphics and sound quality is amazing; it can develop your interest in this game. You must be addicted to this game if you play it once. For a more entertaining game, you can also visit the Airplane Chefs Mod APK