Crime City MOD APK 2022 Download [Unlimited Money + Gold]

We know the fact that everyone’s a big fan of Mafia Wars, gangster wars, and street wars kind of games. It’s an exciting adventure to become a gangster and fight other criminals to build your own empire. Decca-games bring such another Role play game named Crime City MOD APK. As the name suggests this game is based on gangster wars, street crimes, police chase, and escaping which is an exciting and thrilling gaming experience.

NameCrime city mod apk
Size42 MB
Mod featuresUnlimited cash, free chest
Last update12 hours ago

This game is based upon street robbery where you are supposed to use tricks and wisdom to escape the police and become the most wanted gangster in the area. Besides police, you will be facing other gangsters, vehicles, weapons attacks, and much more that contain thrilling gaming experiences. In Crime City MOD APK, The rate of crimes will earn you more cash that can help you build your own empire. Further, in Crime City as a gangster, you can make your own crime empire by defeating all your opponents.

Crime city is one of the most challenging and skill-requiring games where your skills of driving and escaping will be tested. Additionally, players can make the most of diverse weapons; explore new areas with the help of maps available within the game. Players will be allowed to complete challenging and exciting more than 30 missions that keep making the game more engaging and fun-packed.

Crime City MOD APK

The recently updated version of Crime City is much more exciting and impressive. You will be not be disturbed by simple text anymore. Instead, everything will be illustrated with the help of flash animations.


The game commences with your living building block where you can build many houses for yourself. These houses can be used for trading you or avoiding the loot. Once you start collecting more money, you can use it to expand your territory and establish more houses. Keep collecting more wealth while you are on various missions. Collecting more money at the early stages will help you upgrade easily. In order to meet the requirements of the missions and levels, you must have the co-responding weapons and other materials and this will make the gameplay even smoother. The levels and the tasks at the start are simple and easy that include becoming an assassin for a short period of time. Fighting in the streets and harming the hostages.

Awsome Experiance

The difficulty level increases with levels progressing. When you have completed a mission in a particular area, you will gain control of that area and start a new mission in another area. You will have a map to guide you to different areas. Additionally, the areas in the Map will keep unlocking once you complete more levels. The player must purchase the materials required for a particular mission or level. The player’s money income is obtained from his own territory. Further, more money can be made from construction and investment in the gang. Players can also join more players to fight or to rob. Moreover, a player can buy more than 150 types of weapons and explore more than 60 territories.

Gamers who love speed racing or completing levels or surely going to love the exciting gameplay of Crime city MOD APK. In addition, you can also refer to some other interesting Action Game such as Gangster New Orleans MOD APK


In Crime City Hack APK a lot of incredible features await the gamers that are awesome enough to keep the gamer engaged. In this section, we will illustrate some amazing features of the Crime City MOD full version.

Game interface

The game is easily illustrated without having extra cumbersome buttons. Crime city details the specific information and sufficient instructions to the play without any difficult explanation.

Gain your income and profit

A player can Gain money and income from the shops that come in his own territory. Additionally, players can build the site by themselves too. You can collect the protection fees at a fixed time and then your steel factory will produce the steel for construction. You can also rely on your friends’ help to post your information on the homepage and ask them to provide you the required material.

Free action

In Crime City MOD you can join the mafia and complete the task along with them. After the job, you can start the action of your choice. Be deceitful in the game, shakedown or fight with the neighbors, steal valuable loot from your own area or start a new war to become a renowned gangster. You can do any action in this free adventurous game without any restriction.

Build your own criminal empire.

Train your friends to join your powerful and difficult to defeat group to fight for your territory. By making your own group and winning fights in the area you can become a king of the mafia, ruling the streets and earning a big name.

A vast variety of vehicles

Every gangster would love to have different types of cars to impress other mafias. In the City Crime Modded version, you will have the opportunity to get the cars of your own choice that too in many shapes and designs.

Big arsenal of incredible weapons

Every gangster wants to terrify his opponents with the help of powerful weapons and an arsenal. City Crime provides you a variety of awesome weapons that will help you complete the tasks with ease and win the war easily to become the crown of crime.

Crime City MOD APK Download Full Version Free

Crime City MOD is a premium role-play game in which you are supposed to spend money to buy items. Although on our website, you can download Crime City Modded APK Full Version for Free. It is a simple one-click download so do not waste time exploring it and get it now from the link given below.

How to Install Crime City   MOD APK

  • Download Crime City MOD APK.
  • Install Crime City MOD APK without using Wi-Fi/Internet.
  • Open the installer and complete the process.
  • Let it install completely on your Android device.
  • Open the MOD APK app and enjoy free unlimited everything

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1: What is Crime City MOD APK?

It is an action role play game in which you can become a mafia king by committing various crimes.

2: Who is the developer of Crime City MOD APK?

Decca games is the developer of Crime City

Final thoughts

Inspired from the parts of GTA Vice city Crime City are a thriller and an exciting role-playing game where players can rule the city after the completion of certain crime levels. In this game, you can become the greatest of the criminals, conquer every territory, build your own empire of crime and rule different areas.

The 3d dimensions of this game and real fights make it more interesting and fun-packed. Further, the gamers are provided with the arsenal and vehicles of their own choice that adds more excitement to the game and gamers can’t resist playing this exciting role play-action game. Moreover, in its updated full version you will experience the instructions in flash animations that are awesome enough to make you love this game. In addition to it, the difficulty level keeps progressing to be more challenging and exciting which is another reason to love playing this game. So, just download the full version of the game and have fun playing.

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