Designer City MOD APK 2 [Unlimited Money + Gold] Android

City Building games are really interesting and mind skill games as they test the skills of constructions, building, and managing a big city or a modern town. Sphere Games Studios proudly presents Designer City MOD APK for all those who want to make a bright future in architecture or city building. People who have creative ideas for constructing modern buildings and impressive towns will surely love this amazing game.

Game NameDesigner City Mod Apk
Android Version5.0 and up
User Reviews4.3 out of 5 Stars
Current Versionv1.24
Size74 MB
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In this epic city-building game, you will be able to build your dream city, help it grow by making its tourist destinations with the help of skyscrapers, shopping centers, icon towers, and many other impressive places. You will be offered the access to plan your management of the city, implement it and build a model of your dreams. We all think of making our city or area as beautiful as you want and we want to construct it beautifully with great architecture skills. Designer Cite MOD will allow you to fulfill all such desires with easy-to-use game controls.

Designer City MOD APK

You can also make your city a commercial hub by building factories, industries, and companies that will attract more people to come to your city, do jobs there, and help your city develop. Construct more parks and catchy places to keep the residents happy and comfortable.


In Designer City MOD APK the gamers will have to build a city with the help of landscapes available or using their creativity to construct a beautifully designed house. You can take the help of Happy Sims to assist you in hard work or generating more income for the city. In Designer City Cheats you can start the construction of your city with buildings, then construct some high skyscrapers, develop land for the food of your city, bring landmarks from all around the world to attract visitors and other people to live in your city. Moreover, in the construction process, the making of industrial areas will attract more people to do jobs in your city. So, this is a really interesting gameplay that follows the complete process of becoming a business tycoon. So just download this exciting game and love playing it.


Impressive and engaging features are the soul of every game. Features add more pleasure to the game and when they are more engaging they make the gamers sit in one place and keep playing. Designer City MOD APK also comes with extraordinary mind-blowing features. Have a look below.

Real Life City like Management

In this game, you will be allowed to experience the management of a real-life city. The game will allow you to build big buildings, beautiful houses, and luxurious facilities for the residents and developing business and job opportunities to attract more people to your city. You have to manage your city with all these impressive constructions so that more residents are attracted. You can also farmland that will provide food for your city. With the help of happy Sims you can create more income for the city to make it more beautiful and a living destination for more people. Manage transportation service to help your citizens move day and night.

Add famous Landmarks from the world

The world is full of many memorable and famous landmarks that make those cities tourist destinations and if in this game you bring all those landmarks and monuments to your built city you will impress more audience and your city will get more attention that will help its tourism department grow.

Look After your city

This game is suitable for all ages as everyone wants to live in a city of their own choice. You can work in this dream in this exciting game. Build your city the way you want and then apply town zoning principles to it, manage the level of pollution, have a check and balance at the population of your city, increase the number of city resources to help your city develop by leaps and bounds. Build the entire beautiful city as you want or keep it simple. It is all up to you. Just play and enjoy building.

Non-Scripted Incredible Gameplay

In Designer City MOD APK Latest version We leave the building of this city on your creativity and imagination. There is no boundary in this game that sets the limits to your creativity. You can easily redesign or evolve your wonderful city. Create a fast-flowing river for irrigation, if you want. Build a great powerhouse for non-stop electricity. Use green power stations to build a carbon-neutral city. All such steps can be taken with the help of your creativity and imagination. We leave it up to you.

City Reset Feature

In this amazing feature, gamers can watch a new landscape that they might want to have for the beauty of their city then they can easily reset the city and adopt all the newfound features for the development of a modern town.

Designer City MOD APK Unlimited Money and Gold

Basically, Designer City MOD APK is a premium game in which you have to pay real money for in-game purchases but if you get the game from our website you will get unlimited money and Gold that too without paying any single penny.

Designer City Unlimited Money and Gold APK free Download

You can easily download Designer City MOD Unlimited Money and Gold from our website with one click.  By downloading it from our website you will get unlimited money and cash and you don’t have to make any in-game purchases.

How to Install Designer City MOD APK

  • Download Designer City MOD APK.
  • Install Designer City MOD APK without using Wi-Fi/Internet.
  • Open the installer and complete the process.
  • Let it install completely on your Android device.
  • Open the MOD APK app and enjoy free unlimited everything.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1: How can we get unlimited money in City Designer Game?

You can get unlimited money in City Designer by downloading the MOD version from our website.

2: Who has developed City Designer MOD APK?

Sphere Games Studio has developed this incredible city building game.

Final Thoughts

All the gamers out there who are interested in the building of big cities and want to become business tycoons in the field of construction then you have chosen designer City’s latest version wisely and rightly. This game offers everything that takes to build a developed city. If are in love with Simulation Games then Airport City MOD APK is an amazing game to play.

Build your city and grow its economy with the help of creating job opportunities in your newly constructed city. Attract more tourists by bringing international landmarks and monuments to your city and help the tourism department of your city evolve and grow. Further, you can construct land for food supply and a powerhouse for electricity. Conclusively, through this game, you will also learn proper city planning and of course, fun playing is always in it. For more Designer City tips check our website.

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