Emergency HQ MOD APK [Unlimited Everything]

We all dream of becoming someone who saves the world and people in emergencies and takes them out of disasters. Emergency HQ is the same kind of game that gives you the opportunity to save the people and the world. Those are in an emergency and need your help and support immediately. Emergency HQ MOD APK is an awesome game where you will be able to control the fire fighting teams, medical personnel, doctors, police, and even many technical services. The game asks you to take action as some disaster or emergency situation takes place inside the game.

Emergency HQ MOD APK

Your task in the game will be to arrange missions, plan your ways to go, prepare important items, and your squad to rescue the ones in need. With the help of this awesome game, you will be able to practice your skills of managing a rescue team that saves lives in danger. By playing this impressive game you will be able to apply the learned skills in your future rescue missions whenever needed. In Emergency HQ MOD APK, your task will be to control all the teams that are serving in the rescue missions. Build a strong rescue team and arrange perfect rescue service to save lives. Further, in Emergency HQ MOD you will be able to update the quality. And the performance of your trucks, hospitals, and rescue teams. You can win rewards by successfully conducting a rescue mission and taking people out of the danger.


Emergency HQ MOD APK is one of the simplest gameplays you will ever come across. The fun is ultimate when you don’t have to waste time in learning the game as it keeps progressing easily and you engage in its easy gameplay very easily. There is only a small tutorial to learn the basics of the game. At the start of the game, you will get news about any disaster or fire eruption in your area and then you have to send your team to help people there. In the case of any terrorist attack, you will summon the police squads to see the case and handle it. Further, in case, if a mission fails you can redo it too.

Emergency HQ APK + MOD Features

Every simulation game requires the gamer to have an unlimited amount of money to continue the fun without any disturbance. The Google play store version offers limited money that stops the fun in the middle but our APK version provides unlimited money that can be used to unlock more levels and upgrade your trucks, hospitals, and buildings. Check out more awesome features of Emergency HQ MOD APK in this article. In addition, you can also refer to some other interesting Strategy Games with mod features such as Hero Hunter Mod APK.

Unlimited Money:

To keep on having unlimited fun you will need unlimited money in the game. The simple apk version is limited to a small amount of money and after that ends. You need to do in-game purchases by using real money. Once you get our modded version, you will get unlimited money that will help you upgrade everything in the game, and then you can enjoy limitless awesome gaming.

Extra Lives:

To add more, Emergency HQ extra lives offers you an opportunity to revive your characters again after they die during the rescue missions. With the help of the extra lives feature you will be able to carry on the rescue missions without any difficulty or hindrance.

Emergency HQ cheats for android:

To keep the fun alive, the Emergency HQ mod version brings all the cheats for the android that will make you complete every mission successfully.

A huge variety of varied missions:

Emergency HQ MOD APK offers its users a huge variety of awesome missions. You can do an operation to arrest terrorists, save the burning buildings, take people out of disasters, save the injured people or rescue animals in bush fires or other disasters. You can perform every kind of mission in this awesome game.

Realistic Graphics:

Further, this interesting game brings a wonderful interface with amazing graphics. All the buildings, trucks, ambulances, and the police squad will feel so real that you will feel like doing missions in the real life. The explosions, the fires, the disasters happening inside the game have been developed in a way that they all seem real. And you will feel engaged in real-life missions of rescue.

Win awards:

Additionally, the game will bring your awesome rewards after the successful completion of missions. Once the missions are performed and you complete the assigned tasks of saving. The endangered people or animals you will be rewarded for your success. The more you win, the more you will be able to upgrade your rescue teams. The money and the diamonds you win in the game. Can be used to buy more buildings, train your squad and get more rescue vehicles.

How to Download and Install Emergency HQ MOD APK

Tap on the download link mentioned above in this article. Download the APK file and save it in your downloads on the android phone. For installation, permit other sources installation from your phone security settings. After the game is installed successfully, you can start it and have fun doing rescue missions.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1: What is Emergency HQ MOD APK?

It is the modded version of Emergency HQ that has more features and provides you unlimited money. To update and upgrade your training facilities and buildings.

2: Is the modded version of Emergency HQ MOD APK free to play?

Yes, this modded version is completely free to play.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, HQ Emergency Hack is a wonderful game that gives you a chance to test your rescuing skills. The game is the best for those who in their future want to pursue the career of firefighters, policemen, or rescue men. In this amazing game, you will be able to control and manage the rescue teams who work to save lives. Once you complete missions successfully, you will win diamonds and other rewards. These rewards help you upgrade your buildings, trucks, and headquarters. Get into the awesome game of rescue missions and have fun playing.

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