GTA 5 Beta APK For Android

Grand Theft Auto games have always entertained gamers around the world with their amazing levels and tasks. GTA 5 has been more phenomenal because of its amazing real-life graphics and extraordinary missions that make the game more impressive. GTA 5 Beta APK is the android version of this exciting game.

App NameGTA V
Android Version Requires4.0+
Total Downloads9,000,000+
App Size21.1 MB + 2.6 GB
DeveloperRockstar Games
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This android version will provide you an endless content with extraordinary fun. This version is based on a complete storyline. The game begins when Franklin, Michael, and Trevor are arrested while robbing the bank. This game continues to provide Android users with a large number of opportunities due to the large open world and brings an endless series of awesome missions. In GTA 5 Beta APK you can face the open world with a lot of different transport units, characters, stores, and many other exciting in-game features.

GTA 5 Beta APK

The graphics may not be as charming as the ones in PC but the storyline is the same and runs as smoothly as in PC. In GTA 5 Beta APK the user has to pass through hundreds of missions and find out the awesome secrets of the story by walking through the game and tasks. You will be provided with a map as well that can be used to find out more information about the city and can lead to more missions easily. The awesome characters inside the game will please you with a lot of jokes and some funny moments. Wait, If you are love to play Adventure games then we have Ice Age Adventures MOD APK for you


The game starts with Michael Townley, Trevor Philips, and Brad Sniper being caught during a bank robbery. They all escape but the police label them dead. Michael returns with a new name Michael de Santa and leads a simple life. He catches his wife’s affair and attacks her lover’s mansion but unfortunately, that belongs to a drug deal and he asks for compensation. Michael De Sante returns to his crime life to pay the debt and gets back to the crime life and the unending story of crime and missions.

GTA 5 Beta APK Features

GTA 5 Beta offline for android comes with some extraordinary features to keep the android gamers engaged and excited in the gameplay. Check out the amazing features of the GTA 5 Beta APK mentioned below.

Experience a big and real world

GTA 5 Beta Offline comprises a big and beautiful world where you will spend a lot of time exploring it. You will be able to do whatever you want in the amazing world of GTA 5 Beta APK. Players will come in contact with many elements of the game that will make you feel like you are living in the world of this game. You will be able to control a car and drive it easily inside the city and live in the city the way you want.

Be fast on your vehicle and break the barriers. Everything can be done in this exciting game. You have to look after certain other factors too as police will be surrounding you and you have to escape them even by enjoying the vastness of the incredible city inside GTA 5 Beta offline. But you can escape the police easily by keeping the number of cases low.

Start a new life with a money theft case

 GTA 5 Beta APK consists of an incredible group of characters who have committed a robbery. Although, they all have managed to escape and they were labeled as dead. It has been nine years since that event and now a major character Michael De Santa led a great life. Michael befriended a character named Franklin Clinton, and they later had a lot of doings together.

Michael was the one who caught his wife having an affair with someone else. He goes to the house of his wife’s lover and destroys his mansion that unfortunately belonged to a drug lord and he demanded compensation. Michael is now forced to pay the debt and one of them will now return to his criminal life.  

Complete the tasks, explore the plot

The android gamers who will start playing this amazing game will come across a lot of many tasks to complete and many missions to fulfill. The gamers will go mission to mission in order to experience the incredible life in the fantasy city. The mission and the task you complete will open the box of new stories and plots for you. At the same moment, you cannot control any of the characters. The plot is about three people; Michael De Sante, Franklin, and a teammate.

Extraordinary graphics

The real-life graphics of GTA 5 Beta APK will make you feel be in a real-world of crime where the entire city and the background sounds will make you feel like you are living a real crime life.

How to download and Install GTA 5 Beta APK offline

It is very easy to download and install GTA Beta APK offline for your android device.

Click on the download link given above. Get the APK file on your phone and allows the unknown sources installation. When the installation process is done just start playing the game and have unlimited fun.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1: Is GTA 5 Beta APK an offline game?

Yes, GTA 5 Beta is a completely offline game to play and enjoy limitless action.

2: Is GTA 5 Beta APK free to play?

Yes, this game can be played for free without paying even a single penny.

Final Thoughts

GTA 5 Beta APK for android offline is an exciting game that consists of exciting features and incredible missions. You will be engrossed in real-life missions and amazing tasks that will make you love this game more. You can enjoy exploring the city easily on wonderful vehicles and follow the way of your missions with the help of the map given to you. Further, in the game, you can also get rid of the wanted level or increase it by doing more crimes. Have unending fun playing this amazing game.

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